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The Kingdom's Destruction: Hypnotic Destiny, #1

62 pages48 minutes


How much would you endure to reach those you love?

Cristina strolls through the streets of Ostarin on her day off, preparing for the birthdays of her husband and daughter. Out of nowhere, a storm strikes the kingdom, drenching everyone in a strange green rain.

Then it gets worse.

Anyone caught in the storm develops plague-like symptoms, spreading the infection to nearly everyone except Cristina. The final manifestation of the illness? They lose their minds and attack anyone nearby without reason.

Cristina now must journey across the kingdom through thousands of sick people with one goal in mind: she needs to reach her family. Can she survive through hordes of diseased people without the will to kill any of them? Will she get to her family in time? And why has she not been affected by the plague?

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