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Kiss of Fire: US Park Ranger, #1

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Lidia Cunningham has no memory of the first six years of her life.  Her adoptive parents provided a loving home but hadn't been forthcoming on information about her past.   As a well-respected fire marshal, she's made a personal commitment to investigate the cause of a fire and bring the ones responsible to justice.  When Blackwell Industries has unexplained fires, she discovers the remains of a body that, by all rights, should have been undetectable.

This case is like no other and hits too close to home.  Eleven years ago, she had an affair with the President of Blackwell Industries.  It was one of the biggest mistakes of her life, but she was given the greatest gift, her son, Spencer.

In retaliation to her bringing the arsonist to trial, someone burns down her house.  Before she can determine the identity of the victim, she receives threats against her child.  Her boss offers to put her up in a safe house, but she firmly rejects his offer.  She's capable of protecting her son.  On the run in a travel trailer with Spencer, and Albert Einstein, their wired-hair terrier, she is constantly looking over her shoulder.

Kane Wallace is a US Park Ranger with a daunting past. The guilt over the loss of his friends has influenced the way he's lived his life the past fourteen years. While on medical leave due to a job injury, he agrees to do a favor for his uncle, who just happens to be Lidia Cunningham's boss.  He's not to tell her who he is because she's strong willed and will bolt if she knows someone is "watching" over her and Spencer.

The wall Kane's built to keep love out of his life starts to crumble when he gets personally involved with his charges. He soon recognizes she could be the one who would accept his scars and troubled heart. He's torn between telling her who he is and protecting them from the men who have been following her every move.  Once she finds out who he is, she'll surely hate him for his deception.

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