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Spookiest Military Bases, Ships, Museums, & Forts

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Some of the most haunted places in America are our military installations, which include military ships, military museums, military bases, and historic military forts.

Discover why these military installations earned the reputation of being the most haunted...

Learn about the Luminous Lady that haunts Fort Monroe, which is the largest stone fort in the country and includes an impressive moat (and lots more ghosts!).

Find out why spirits still linger in the old psychiatric ward and crematorium of an abandoned hospital at Fort Dix. Also, read about a strange story of aliens on the base in the 1970s.

Read about the Screaming Woman of Fort Mifflin.

Discover the lingering spirits in the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base military museum, including the most haunted area in the museum.

Learn about the "Dress Whites Ghost" aboard the USS Hornet.

Fort Leavenworth is probably the most haunted base in America and the most haunted area of the base in the U.S. Disciplinary Barrack where many inmates were once executed. But many other places on this base are also haunted.

...and much more!

Plus, lots of photos, fascinating trivia, and compelling histories are included. Many of the bases discussed are among the most important in the U.S.

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