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A Promise in Time

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A Promise in Time: Book #6 in the McCullough Romance Series.

When Ryan Salvatore returns home from Italy to run his family's winery in Canden Valley, California, Kelly McCullough Burnett's world is turned inside out. He tells her he has returned for one reason--to get her back. When he confesses the real reason he let her go when he was eighteen and she was sixteen, her heart melts all over again.

Despite the success at once again winning the heart of the sweetest of the McCullough cousins, Ryan isn't convinced that she truly trusts him. He sets out to convince her that he's worthy of her trust and of her love. Along the way, when he learns of his ex-wife's deceit, he understands the importance of honesty. Kelly's heart softens when she realizes that she hasn't always been completely honest herself and that sometimes it's okay to choose kindness over honesty.

The childhood sweethearts have fallen in love for the second time, but they have to find a common ground and make their way back to each other in order to have the everlasting love that they had promised each other so many years before.

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