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A Spy in the Deep (The Casebook of Harriet George, Volume 2)

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More mystery, murder, and adventure on Mars...

Mars, 1816. For almost a year, Harriet George has been training to be a spy in the British-Martian Intelligence Service and things are not going well. She has been failing in tasks she knows she ought to be able to achieve. Now she has been given her first assignment, and Harriet knows that if she doesn’t succeed, it will also be her last.

Together with her brother-in-law, Bertrand, Harriet has been sent to Louros underwater hotel to retrieve a package from an informant. It’s supposed to be a straightforward task, but everything goes terribly wrong. If Harriet can’t figure out who is working against her, not only will she lose her job, she may not make it back to the surface alive.

A Spy in the Deep is Harriet George’s second adventure, full of mystery, action, and humor. Join Harriet and Bertrand as they try to unweave another tangled mystery on Regency Mars.


“From the first page, I knew I was in good hands. This is my kind of fantasy — magic, adventure, and gorgeous writing. The Underwater Ballroom Society is the kind of fantasy that got me into reading fantasy.”
– Patrice Sarath, Author of The Sisters Mederos

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