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This book is a wake-up call to the American legal community, and an insistence that it answer to the silent distress of millions of financially overburdened working people. Because of the unique structure of our legal system, American lawyers have a moral and legal duty to enforce certain tax constraints on government that would favor workers, and lawyers are failing miserably. Support my nonprofit to help lawyers everywhere recognize our Constitution’s two classes of taxation, so they and their clients can eventually know the difference between taxes: (1) on property under the Direct Tax Clauses, (2) on income derived from property sources under the Sixteenth Amendment, and (3) on income derived from non-property sources under the Uniformity (or Indirect Tax) Clause.By analyzing the history of Supreme Court tax cases, starting with Hylton (1796) and ending with Lopez (1995), and dividing the cases into three eras, this book will help you understand why the American tax system is the most unique and revolutionary in history.
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