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This book tells the story of abilingual girl growing up on the island ofOkinawa, who possesses unusual intelligence and obsesses with moviestars and a pornographic novel she reads by accident. She meets andfalls in love with a man through language practices but when her wildimagination leads her to create a naughty love story, it prevents himfrom proposing to her. They are separated for thirty-fi ve years butmiraculously meet on a trip and rekindle their relationship.True Destiny is a heartwarming romance novel about a love lost andfound after many long years. It shows that love can endure even aftera long separation and as it is rekindled, proves that love is sweeter thesecond time around. The book weaves a rich tapestry of love and life ingeneral that explore and analyze the fears of marriage and a story thatunravels through two languages. Readers who love romantic storiesabout destiny and fated encounters with their own lost love will lovethis book. It will make them reminisce about their youth and dreamabout having their own miraculous encounters with their lost love andat the same time they can fancy their own True Destiny.
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ISBN: 9781453575345
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