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The Skull

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The tale of Lucifer's fall from grace is a little bit different than what we were told in Sunday school. An archaeologist is hired to work for an old friend of his... Billionaire Heinrich Hirsch who wants him to find a crystal skull belonging to Lucifer. Little to Professor Jenkins knowledge is the secret that Heinrich holds of his true intentions.

A trip to Heinrich's mansion in Frankfurt, Germany to view the 13 skulls Heinrich has already collected reveals another surprise for the Professor. A book stolen from the Vatican Vault that tells of Lucifer's fall from grace and validates Heinrich's story that he told to the Professor. A phone call is made and the Professor is on his way to Iran to find Heinrich's missing skull. Little does the professor know that other's are waiting for him and other's have orders to kill him because he is the key to bringing Lucifer back and releasing Hell on Earth. The war in Heaven has taken a new turn. Will humanity survive?

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