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Still Standing

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Hollow Hills presents Still Standing, an anthology of short stories and poetry about empowerment and healing. We asked for tales that would make our readers think, tug on their heartstrings, or make them gasp aloud and our authors certainly achieved that. They involve bullying, harassment, or ill-treatment by others in some form or fashion. However dark the stories may get, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and the protagonist will show that they will not yield to hate, that they will not be kept down on their knees forever. We hope that our bit of fiction will show that no one has to give in to such treatment. We have been knocked down but in the end, we are still standing. The royalties from this anthology will go to Crisis Text Line, a nonprofit organization helping those in crisis.

Savage Beatings: An elf braves ridicule and abuse as a sacrifice for his homeland and people.

We Called It Azimov: A group of scientists come together to create a machine unlike any other. One scientist uses this modern marvel to satisfy her desire for revenge.

The Brave Blacksmith: The legendary Blacksmith must fight his own demons while confronting real enemies to save a sorceress from a dire situation.

Buccaneer's Beginning: A young elf wants to be a sea captain like her father, but her mother insists she become a mage. She clings to her dreams despite the ridicule and pressure of others.

The Living Tree: An inspirational poem about life itself.

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