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Ferry Ride

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A typical spring day in Seattle, it is raining sideways. The ferries are having thefts of all kinds. Detective Rage and officer Jones are fresh faces and should be able to arrest a few and chase the others north.
They go on board as young lovers and fade into the ugly gray paint job. They have several suspicious people in the car parking area but nothing else. Rage handles a pickpocket and a sudden wave causes his head to hit the steel wall. They turn him over to the first mate.
The ferry ride to Bremerton is a rough sea, late, and most people stay seated. Jones is enjoying the spray at the bow.
Rage’s boss calls them, “There is a bomb on board. It will level two blocks if they dock. At the point of no return, the ferry will sail in a circle for twenty-five minutes until $25 million is transferred If not, they will sink the ferry.
Jones searches the ferry and finds two covered vans and a short-rigged semi.
The Captain refuses to see Rage even with her police and FBI badges. She shoots open the two steel doors leading to the bridge.
Rage has four fingers up, meaning four minutes before it explodes as she returns with the Captain. He orders his crew to remove all safety devices from the ferry to release all the vehicles.

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