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The Bible's Hidden Wisdom: God's Reason for Noah's Flood

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Do You Want to Provoke God's Wrath?

No? Then you had best know God's purpose and how not to cross it. Until now, no one has understood why Noah's Flood was needed.
• Something before Noah's Flood threatened God's purpose.
• It wasn't the ordinary wickedness and violence we've known throughout history, otherwise God would never have made his promise about the Flood.

Hollywood and scholars got it all wrong. And many believe the Flood never happened.

Proof of Noah's Flood?

What if biblical scholars have had the wrong timeline? That's not exactly a news flash. Scientists have known that for over a century.

If we had the right timeline, then we might find a clue in science which confirms it.

Consider it done! We now know the Flood's target—described in Genesis 6 as the "daughters of men." This group had threatened God's purpose with a special kind of wickedness and violence, unknown throughout all of human history.

The Bible's Hidden Wisdom is a detective story with difficult clues. Once those clues are found and understood, everything lines up and new, unexpected discoveries are made, like,
• The Kabbalists' "Tree of Life" matrix embedded in two Genesis chapters.
• The real meaning of the outrageous ages of the early patriarchs.
• The reason why God protected the liar, ingrate and murderer, Cain.
• And God's real reason for Noah's Flood.

Finally, some answers that make sense not only from a spiritual perspective, but also from that of science.

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