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Murder at Abu Simbel

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Peter Keats, an archaeologist, discovers an unknown woman asleep at the foot of the colossi of Abu Simbel. With no memory of who she is and no ID documents, she quickly appears as a living enigma.
Peter, touched by her plight, asks his friend Kenneth, a psychologist on sabbatical at Abu Simbel to help her. Kenneth doesn’t agree with this suggestion, and the stranger recoils at the idea of being treated by hypnosis for her amnesia.
Abdul Arif, the police chief, begins an exhaustive search for the stranger’s identity.
Then, an unexpected, brutal murder occurs at Abu Simbel. Soon, confusing parallels between this crime and the amnesiac woman emerge.
While Abdul works to find the murderer, the mysterious woman finally agrees to begin treatment with Kenneth. Under hypnosis, she discloses some disturbing connections between herself and the murder victim.
But do her statements really relate to the murder? Or are they just expressing her internal torment? Or is she traveling back through time under hypnosis, to the Egypt of the Pharaohs and events that happened thousands of years ago?
Reality? Fantasy? Who is this secret woman?
These are the dizzying mysteries that the psychologist and the police chief have to unravel in this multi-layered enigma.

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