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Falter: Volume Twelve: The Journals of Meghan McDonnell, #12

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Do you wonder if anyone gets you? Do you feel alone in your thoughts? Do you ever wonder if someone truly understands?

Meghan McDonnell has your back.
With searing candor, McDonnell distills daily life with uncommon humor and honesty. In brilliant, lyrical prose she brings insight and illumination to family, friendship, romantic entanglements, ambition, love, redemption, and identity to reveal a glimpse of the universal.
Her powerful observations and deeply personal feelings about the human experience, struggles and transcendence included, reveal a courageous woman holding up a light for you in the thick of life as it happens.
Discover your interior self. Surprise yourself by unlocking your life within through yielding to the vulnerability of another voice, one that may sound startling like your own.

In Falter: Volume Twelve of this addictive and vicarious real-life series, McDonnell struggles with regret over past choices, finds solace in nature, chooses to leave the Pacific Northwest to act in Los Angeles, reveals too much of her inner life to friends and family, and ponders cultural gems from Team America to W. Somerset Maugham and Confessional poets.

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