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Creating a Simply Joyous Christmas

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What do you want to do to make Christmas special and memorable? Go caroling with friends? Throw a Christmas party? Make gifts with all the pictures you've taken? Have time to spend with the people you love?

If you have a creative bent, there's no better time to do something with your creativity than during the Christmas season. Whether your skill lies towards watercolors, photography, baking, decorating or throwing a party, you've got exactly what it takes to create a fabulous Christmas.

Don't let circumstances (or feeling like you don't have enough time) keep you from having a great holiday.

Create a fabulous Christmas, lovely handmade gifts, and be ready with a plate of cookies for Santa even with less than two weeks to The Big Day.

It comes down to throwing out the detail (that means you can toss the 42-point to-do list), get some focus, turn on Nat King Cole and get creating.

In this quick read, Creating a Simply Joyous Christmas, you'll discover:

Why it's easy to do things at the last minute at Christmas Directions for an easy Christmas map: your go to direction guide for the week before Christmas How to "batch" gifts to make more with less time Easy Ways to throw a Christmas party in less than 48 hours Fun icebreaker games for the Christmas party Why Winter Wreaths are Seven Times better than Christmas wreaths More than 30 gifts to make and give

Merry Christmas and Happy Creating!

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