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A Cowboy Of Her Own: The Callahans, #1

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Roark Callahan lives a busy life running a ranch and riding bulls on the rodeo circuit so when a beautiful woman asks to follow him around to experience his life so as to write a piece for a western magazine, he reluctantly agrees. His gut tells him she’s trouble but then again, having her around might be interesting. As long as she pulls her own weight, he has nothing to lose.

Except maybe his heart.

Priscilla Butler is the first to admit she’s not thrilled at the idea of doing a magazine piece on a rodeo cowboy but she needs to prove she deserves the job her mother helped her get. After all, her boss is too eager to fire her at the first chance he gets. Working alongside the incredibly sexy Roark Callahan isn’t going to be easy, not on her senses or her body since she doesn’t know the first thing about horses and bulls but she’s determined to write the best piece she can, and get it published. What she doesn’t count on is how charismatic this cowboy is or how much her heart becomes attached to him, his family, and friends. Would falling for a cowboy be too terrible if the cowboy of her own was Roark Callahan?

Unless he breaks her heart.

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