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Harley's Surrender: Wild Kings MC: Dander Falls, #3

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My life is a series of letting people in and watching as they leave. It started with my brother, then my parents, and slowly every single person I've ever considered a friend. Now, my brother is back in my life and he uses me for whatever I can do for him. When I try to push back and refuse, he begins to beat me. One man steps up and tries to protect me, let me live life the way I'm meant to. Can I trust that he won't walk away from me when things get too real for him?

Ethan 'Steel' Stone

I grew up in a home where I was more likely to have my ass handed to me than have anyone care about me. I don't let anyone close, especially women. I'd rather get mine and leave than wake up next to anyone else. I won't be vulnerable again in my life. No one will get hurt because of me. Because of the life that I live. Until one girl breaches any barriers I've built around my heart.

Secrets come out that threaten to destroy us. Will one person that's meant to protect her the most do everything in his power to destroy Harley? Can she finally let go enough to let people in her life?

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