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The Alphas Dove: A Shifter Romance

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Romance, Betrayal, and Shifters. Oh, My!Delila Warner's mother constantly cut her down, her sisters weren't exactly angels, and her father Francis Warner had an extensive gambling addiction. She lived a sad life of struggle and heartache, but never let it get her down. Her strong will got her through most days. She could never have predicted her life changing so drastically.Determined Markus Donovan, the pack alpha, pined for Delila at a distance, but she never gave him a passing glance. He had everything he could ever desire, except for her. While speaking to her father, he was presented with a chance to take Delila as his wife, he didn't hesitate at the opportunity.Though they were an unconceivable couple, they were undeniably attracted to one another. After their first official date, they took their relationship to the next level, resulting in becoming a pure mated pair. Unbeknownst to them, someone was watching from the shadows and planned to steal the throne. The alpha couple was suddenly tossed into a situation which could be the death of them both.This fast-paced shifter romance will have you hanging on the edge of your seat, simply begging for more.

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