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God’s Decrees, Spoken By Me, I Receive! Thank you Lord, for the Increase!

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This awesome book of Decrees will teach you what to speak and how to receive. This book allows you to speak His promotions, promises, provisions, peace and prosperity. This book also speaks revelations, restoration, redemption, and helps reassign and realign things in your life.

In this book you will learn how to live and love life by speaking out your mouths what God says, and do what He says do, so that all His blessings shall keep coming to you. We decree manifestations, because we are a blessed generation and generations to come.

It is God’s will being done. Decrees are for our victory, and for all the world to see. We have His-story! We are made in His image. So is Jesus, so are we: because of His Decrees, we can and will live in prosperity! Receive all these Decrees!

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