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Confessions of the Mistress

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Enya leaves the innocence of her rustic home to take up a job as a live-in helper with a young well-to-do couple, the Santiagos. Shortly after Enya started working with the couple, they developed a strong attachment to her and in a few weeks, she was bonding tightly with them. The nature of the social bonding was, however, different for couple.

Enya had come to the job as a single girl who was out of romance for two years. She was awed by the presence of her employer’s very handsome husband (Mr. Santiago) and trouble became imminent when her attraction to him grew to insurmountable proportions. Being a well-read intelligent girl, Enya was able to forge a very close relationship with Mr. Santiago. He also grew to like her and after a few close encounters, the two started dating.

After months of “dating” things got out of hand and when Mrs. Santiago became pregnant with her first child, a potential social catastrophe developed. Shortly after the confirmation of her pregnancy Enya was forced to leave the house on her own volition. By then a very serious damage was already done. Confessions of the Mistress is a gripping story of a forbidden romance that will make the reader see the reality of romance from a surprisingly different angle. It is a bold novel that exposes something that many would have thought was not possible.

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