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Capital Capers

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This is a story about two journalists, Hank Hadley and Kylie Driscoll, working for a small Washington D.C. newspaper, the Capital Sentinel, whose nose for news uncovers a plot of government corruption so broad in scope it rocks the very foundation of American democracy. Using the power of the press and risking their lives in the process, they make it their number one priority to do everything they can think of to put the spotlight on the conspirators.

What starts out as a local news story soon spreads out into a national and international news media spectacle which eventually draws in the local police, the FBI and even Interpol.

It involves congresspersons, lobbyists, corporate CEOs and organized crime figures who join forces to reap mega millions of dollars, perhaps billions, in illegal financial gains. The story unfolds in the nation’s capital and ends in La Paz, the capital of Bolivia.

All three branches of the U. S. government, the Executive, the Judicial and the Legislative, become woven into the fabric of the tale as it wends its way to Lady Justice.

There’s something for everyone in this saga of intrigue, suspense, violence and humor along with a few surprises. Enjoy!

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