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Drake Take: Dragon Fairy Tales, #4

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Save the baby. Save the world. 

Tungel is pregnant, and the baby's father is absent. As her contractions escalate, way-drakes slither closer, scorching the furniture and threatening to set the house on fire. 

The fire dragons thirst for her baby's blood. Tungel must flee to the river or burn alive with the child. 

Her parents insist that she sacrifice the baby to save herself. She refuses, appealing to star magic and her beloved's promise to protect her. 

Will her lover arrive in time to stop this drake-take? 

With the fourth stand-alone Dragon Fairy Tale, D.C. Harrell wrings you out like a mop, but don't read it if you take your supergirls sanitized. This heroine's journey into young adulthood is a mess of mythical animals, afterbirth and blood-power. 

If you like stubborn heroines who fight through murky magic, then Drake Take is the wild water for your next swim. 

Got an hour? Download Drake Take now and quench your thirst for baptism by fire.

Or find all six Dragon Fairy Tales collected as Dragon Hoard: Dragon Fairy Tales 1-6. 

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