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Angelo and Maria, an Italian American Love Story

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Angelo and Maria, an Italian American Love Story traces the lives of San Francisco private investigator Angelo Di Carini, his secretary Maria Ranieri, a local Italian Girl from North Beach, their friends and family; from 1937, to the Bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Interment of Italians in America during 1942, to the early days of World War Two.
Angelo consults with San Francisco Homicide Detective; Michael Brody. Their collaboration is based upon their mutual love of cigars, whiskey, and their deep resentment of corruption. Angelo and Michael hate big shots; ‘small timers’ who prey on the weak, and blood sucking politicians.
My stories are inspired by my childhood memories of growing up Italian American, my interest in World War Two, Sports; Baseball, Boxing and Horse Racing in particular, political corruption, San Francisco in the 1930’s and 1940’s, cigars, and the comics; Dick Tracy, Batman, Little Orphan Annie, and Terry and the Pirates. I invite you to imagine yourself in 1930’s San Francisco. Its midnight, the fog is blowing in. You flip up the collar of your overcoat and adjust your hat. You hear the sound of the cable car bell cutting through the night when suddenly...

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