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Impulses of Deeper Birth

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“Not my best day, Lord, Peter prayed silently. However, I’d quite appreciate it if You would help me survive it. Although, if Ollie dies, I would respectfully request You take me, too. I’d rather get shot than have to deal with Fee.”

What was supposed to be a quiet day goes horribly awry for Peter Wentworth when he picks his younger cousin Ollie up at the airport. A hitchhiker that shouldn’t be trusted, a Raging Judge, a frantic belly-crawl through dog droppings... it all adds up to a rather crazy little adventure. In the midst of it all, Peter still seeks to share his faith in Christ, but will his zeal for the Gospel cost him or Ollie their lives? And would it be easier to just be martyred in a cult compound in the back country of Colorado or have to face down his formidable cousin Fee and confess he put her beloved little brother in danger?

A short story that takes place fourteen years before the events of the Sonatas of Grace series, Impulses of Deeper Birth is a rollicking little tale to showcase the beginning of a deep and profound friendship.

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