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Bipolar Lexicon: An Akathisia of Expressed Emotion

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Megan Denese Mealor has been writing stories since she could scribble on walls in crayon. She has always been determined to become a writer, never once wavering from that goal. When she was fifteen, Megan was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. She decided to channel her leaping imagination into journals to combat the newly hostile, raging forces in her mind. More than fifteen years later, Megan’s debut poetry collection, ​Bipolar Lexicon, ​is at last ready for release. Written amidst the hair-trigger mania, dallying depression, and spiritual numbness both vacillating and viperous, Megan writes of sickness, fleeting but freeing good fortune, scraps of her spirit, feral observations of fragility, odes to harlots and flowers and lost loves. Lyrical, lush, frank, and fresh-voiced, ​Bipolar Lexicon ​examines the quiet, quirky beauty immeasurable around us, the untold grace of eloquence, the towering fire inside one woman’s fractured yet infallible heart, and the eternal redemption of language, love, imagery, and imagination.

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