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Dragon Wear: Dragon Fairy Tales, #3

27 pages17 minutes


Talk is not cheap! 

Stutter is the fourth of twelve sons and no one ever listens to him. So when he warns his brothers to stay on the serpent-blaze trail, they ignore him, straying into dangerous territory. 

Something is out there. It hunts them through the forest. 

Can Stutter talk them back to safety? 

In this third stand-alone Dragon Fairy Tale, D.C. Harrell weaves a world of power and spin. But beware the effects of dragonwear. According to Stutter's grandma, a cunning mind might prove useful in politics, but it interferes dreadfully with one's sleep. 

If you like clever heroes with just as much brains as brawn, this is the adventure for you. 

Got 15 minutes? Download Dragon Wear now and discover what happens when you fight dragon with dragonwear.

Or find all six Dragon Fairy Tales collected as Dragon Hoard: Dragon Fairy Tales 1-6. 

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