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Feedback Dystopia



A Dystopian Future Where Singing Is A Felony And Music Is Banned​
A Chase to Awaken An Unimaginable Creation 
How can you defend yourself from a murder frame-up if you live in a world where noise and loud expression are outlawed? In this post-apocalyptic dystopian thriller, mild-mannered doctor-to-be Eric flees the dark groups that control the quiet society, until he strikes back. 
Hundreds of years after the post-nuclear apocalypse, the world is forever changed. All forms of loud noise are illegal. Eric disapproves of his society but tries to get by unnoticed while his sister and best friend oppose and maintain it, respectively. 
When Eric's brilliant friend Freyara goes missing after unveiling a fascinating new technology, Eric suspects foul play. 
Unfortunately, so does everyone else, but their doubts fall on Eric. A conspiracy sets him fleeing for his freedom with several unlikely friends. 
Eric and those around him face death, betrayal, and danger as the chase takes them closer and closer to the truth of the silent world.  
Geniuses, politicians, and hackers struggle to gain control of Eric, and he won't be happy when he finds out why. 
Somewhere close, there is a chance to change the world forever. 
Eric's dedication, anger, and heart are put to the test as his path leads him deeper into a world he never wanted. 
These are the four episodes from season one of a multi-season, dystopian thriller of politics, hatred, love, bitterness, and warped minds. Read Feedback to experience... 
*A complex story with flawed but good-minded characters on either side. Can making the world tolerant of sound really save it? 
*A futuristic-yet-realistic setting that touches on posthumanism and augmented reality.
*A post-apocalyptic, falsely-beautiful world. Bright colors, delicious food, and unsettling physical contact are meant to ease the deprivation of sound. 
*Moments of humor and passion sprinkled amidst a dark, oppressive atmosphere. 

If dystopian futures fascinate you, scroll up and grab a copy.

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