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Drakonian Pink: Dragon Fairy Tales, #5

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Well behaved women seldom make handbags. 

Rohi hates handbags, but Mama insists she learn to handcraft one. First she must hunt a dragon; then fashion her own lady-case from its hide. 

But Rohi's convinced that following this tradition won't really help the family purse business stay afloat or satisfy her mother, much less herself. What she craves is respect, not pretty-pretty accessories. So she steals her uncle's airboat and navigates deep into the Erbwaters swamp. 

Will she earn the regard of a legendary dragon hunter or die trying to save the family business on her own? 

With the fifth stand-alone Dragon Fairy Tale, D.C. Harrell stokes your fire for freedom, but don't stray too close to the water unless you're willing to swim with the dragons. 

Do you like relentless heroines and a touch of romance in your dragon hunts? Then this is a coming-of-age adventure for you. 

Got a couple hours? Download Drakonian Pink now and fall in love with Rohi's Erbwaters and the supergirls it sparks. 

Or find all six Dragon Fairy Tales collected as Dragon Hoard: Dragon Fairy Tales 1-6. 

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