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In Her Shoes...



To Dance With A Prince by Cara Colter

Partnering eligible Prince Kieran Chatammight sounds like a dream come true for most girls, but for dance teacher Meredith Whitmore it's simply a fabulous career break.

The streetwise dancer from the rough side of town and the arrogant, privileged royal, start off stepping on each other's toes. But slowly Meredith uncovers the man behind the royal mask. She's in for a surprise, for she has never believed in happy endings let alone one with a prince!

The Ranger & The Rescue by Sue Swift

To escape her abusive ex–husband, Lori Perkins changes her name to Serenity Clare and relocates to New Mexico. But when a sexy cowboy shows up on her doorstep with amnesia Serenity fears that he may have been sent by her ex to take her back.

The only things Texas Ranger Matt Gutierrez remembers is Serenity's real name and her new address. Serenity tries to keep her guard up with the handsome stranger, but the two can't deny their smouldering attraction to one another

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