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An Inconvenient Marriage



Finn’s Pregnant Bride - Sharon Kendrick

The passion between Catherine and property tycoon Finn Delaney was overwhelming. But their first sensual encounter ended all too abruptly. And when Finn claimed Catherine again with a passionate seduction, it was in revenge for a kiss-and-tell article he thought she’d written about him! When Finn learned of his mistake – and Catherine’s pregnancy – he was determined to put it right, with a convenient marriage for the baby’s sake. Catherine couldn’t refuse – but could she make her marriage real?

A Deal With Benefits - Susanna Carr

Ashley Jones has been sitting in Sebastian Cruz’s office for hours. Because behind the imposing wooden doors sits the man who stole her family’s island home – and she wants it back. But the fight is knocked from her when Ashley recognises him as the man who betrayed her after their night together.

Sebastian has no intention of giving the island back, but he does want Ashley. He agrees to her deal, but has a few sub-clauses of his own. Specifically, a month at his beck and call – and in his bed!

After Hours With Her Ex - Maureen Child

After two long years, Sam Wyatt is home. He has big plans for his family’s ski resort. But first he must face those he left behind – including the ex-wife he has never forgotten.

Lacy Sills has barely recovered from Sam’s desertion – and now he’s her boss! How can she work with him every day and keep from falling for him all over again? But when Lacy learns Sam has ulterior motives for rekindling their romance, she’s not sure she can forgive him...not even with an unexpected pregnancy to consider!

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