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Guardians of Coral Cove



Deception by Carol Ericson

Columbella House, a crumbling Victorian mansion on the coast, is packed with secrets and danger. Now it all belongs to Mia St. Regis. For Police Chief Dylan Reese, the return of the beautiful heiress rekindles an old attraction, one he thought ended long ago.

But before he can focus on their past, Mia's reappearance rouses a killer, someone who's made her the ultimate – and most prized – target. Dylan knows keeping Mia safe is part of the job. Yet the image of an elusive enemy getting anywhere near her challenges his sworn vow to uphold the law...

Thunder Horse Redemption by Elle James

Life in the North Dakota badlands always has its dangers...but the shooter who attacks Roxanne Carmichael has definitely raised the stakes. Already struggling to keep her ranch from bankruptcy, Roxy is now faced with new threats around every corner. To make matters even worse, her ex–fiancé, FBI agent Pierce Thunder Horse, is visiting – and once the Dakota lawman learns Roxy's at risk, nothing will shake him from her side.

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