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Comments on David Reich's Book (2018) Who We Are and How We Got Here

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In 1994, Luca Cavalli-Sforza publishes The History and Geography of Human Genes, using phenotypic markers such as blood antigens. Now, decades later, the techniques for sequencing the human genome have dramatically improved. So has mathematical modeling. David Reich, geneticist at Harvard Medical School, is ready to unveil the results of population sampling, as well as DNA sampling from ancient bones.
The subtitle of Reich's book is: Ancient DNA and the New Science of the Human Past.
Yet, Reich is not an an archaeologist. So, he hangs his (and others) DNA studies on current evolutionary theory, which has been cobbled together without a deep appreciation of the mystery of Neo-Darwinism.
These comments rely on a new articulation of human evolution, based on two works: The Human Niche and An Archaeology of the Fall.
Each of these works presents an insight into human evolution.
First, humans evolved into the niche of triadic relations.
Second, our current Lebenswelt is potentiated in a change in the way humans talk, from hand-speech to speech-alone talk.
Our DNA tells one story. Our triadic relations tell the other.

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