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The Stolen Twin

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The series continues...

     “What? Did someone here call for an absolution?” Mr. Lukas shouted. He managed to fight with his rapier and do other things at the same time. 
“Here, there’s one absolution lying here on the table!” he said, smacking one man in the face with a heavy wooden board, the kitchens used to chop all sorts of things and which still held the remains of boiled pork and grease. After this blow, the man went immediately to the ground
     “Son, son, that’s one way to do it,” sister Rosalinda nodded calmly, smiling at him pleasantly, moving with her head on the left then to the right as if she was admiring his work. 
     “God, forgive us all of our sins just as we forgive those who sin against us,” Josephina finished her prayer and sat back down in her seat while Mr. Lukas was giving the absolution to another man with his fist. 

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