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Famous Baby: A Novel

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The daughter of a mommy blogger escapes fame—and gets even—in this “satirical exploration of the modern American family” (Publisher’s Weekly).
Before there were Real Housewives and Tiger Moms, there was Ruth Sternberg, the hugely popular First Mother of Mommy Blogging—or as Ruth’s daughter, Abbie, prefers to call her, the First Lady of Cyber Exploitation.
But eighteen-year-old Abbie has finally found her way out of the limelight by moving a solid 500 miles away from Ruth and her “maternal instincts.” When she hears that her ailing grandmother is moving in with Ruth, however, Abbie suspects that her mother has found a new subject to exploit. So Abbie does what any responsible granddaughter would do: she kidnaps Grandma to save her from the terrible fate of being blog fodder. Thus begins an “inventive, hysterical, and touching” battle of multigenerational wills (Christina Schwartz).
“Karen Rizzo wraps a timeless drama about the love between mothers and daughters in a fresh, snappy package for the social media age.” —Christina Schwarz, author of The Edge of the Earth and Drowning Ruth
Famous Baby wisely (and funnily) explores motherhood, identity, and the hazards of parental over-sharing in the social media age.” —HelloGiggles
“A refreshingly new twist on one of the oldest stories in the book: the mother-daughter love-hate relationship. . . . Funny, touching . . . would be a great choice for a book club.” —Bookconscious
“Hilarious, moving, and wildly original, Famous Baby is a laugh-out-loud funny and poignant look at the modern family in these TMI times.” —Wendy Lawless, actress and author of Chanel Bonfire

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