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The Hot Climate of Promises and Grace: 64 Stories

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“These gem-like tales form a kind of love song to the feminine principle, that aspect of each of us that is irrational, untamed, and intuitive.” —Lisa Alther
With these short stories, Steven Nightingale offers testimonies of revelation, mischief, miracles, and grace given him by sixty-four remarkable women who’ve appeared in his life over time.
These delightful pieces—deeply indebted to Sufi Tales and Jataka stories (as well as to the Brothers Grimm and American folktales)—combine humor and sensuality with surrealism and an oblique spirituality, and each becomes an opportunity of gentle instruction, invention, and entertainment. The book describes a spiritual pilgrimage, beautifully written, a unique offering from the acclaimed author of Granada: A Pomegranate in the Hand of God.
“Charming in the way of Coelho, Nightingale’s work is proof of a life lived with both ears open, one to the lives and stories around him and one to what readers want and need to hear.” —Tupelo Hassman, author of Girl Child

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