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Jones Shot

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Rage is running as usual every morning. The Inspector calls her and tells her Jones was shot. Rage rushes to the hospital where the Inspector says he did not make it. Rage is in a daze and sent home to change and eat. The Inspector knows he can’t keep her off the case, so he uses her.
The Inspector says when it is time he will take Rage to see the body. He was ID by his Seal’s documentation.
He was shot near the locks while covering a shift for a friend. The Inspector takes Rage home with him for several days. The case goes no place, but someone is searching Jones’ apartment. Why? Rage tears the apartment apart looking for what he hid.
A Lieutenant from the army tries to help decode the message Rage found from Jones but can’t.
How does this relate to the speed trap ticket Rage got months ago? Who is playing both ends against the middle? Will the Go Shoot Nation be looking for scalps, before this is over?
Who is the third party in this affair?

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