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Until the End of Time

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In late spring, 1816, romance flourishes in Geneva, Switzerland, where star-crossed lovers Lorelei Sainte-Marie and Blaise Bertram Kelly vow to love each other Until the End of Time.
Lorelei and Blaise are childhood sweethearts in the early 1800s in Savannah, Georgia. Blaise is a privileged son of Captain Atticus Kelly, owner of a shipping company, when he is determined to give the love of his life everything she ever dreamed. The two set off on a cross-continental adventure to find love, happiness and take their vows as man and wife.
Their adventures include marriage on the high seas, a guided tour from Calais, France to Geneva, Switzerland, a familial meeting between Lorelei and her Uncle Jacques, a chance encounter with Lord Byron and Percy Shelley, and a misguided jaunt through the dark forest in Geneva where Frankenstein was reported to have been born.
Through this adventure, Lorelei and Blaise cement their love in life and in each other Until the End of Time.

In late spring, 2002, a chance encounter in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, changes star-crossed lovers, Maria Santana and Kelly Baker Austen, forever. Time will tell if the couple will be able to embrace their unending love Until the End of Time.
Maria walks into Kelly’s life years after attending high school together. He finds a challenge in winning her heart, and she is not so sure she wants any kind of relationship. A successful deputy coroner in a small mountain town in Colorado, Maria does not think a relationship will work between the hot rod auto mechanic who lives in Savannah, Georgia, and herself. The hot rod auto mechanic and guitarist for metal grunge band, Banished Souls, is determined to prove her wrong by visiting Colorado every chance he gets.
They embark on an adventure in trying to get to know one another better and eventually vow to love each other Until the End of Time.

The lives of the two couples intertwine when a scrapbook is found in Lorelei and Blaise’s ancestral home. The ancestral home turns out to be the Southern Oak Plantation, the same home Maria and Kelly inherit from Kelly’s ancestors. This love story between two couples lends a mysterious twist to love destined to last Until the End of Time.

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