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Ghosts and Family Legends: Horror Stories & Supernatural Tales

224 pages3 hours


Ghosts and Family Legends is a collection of 26 horror stories and supernatural tales told by a group of people closed in a large country mansion, during one cold winter, over several scary nights.
Round the Fire Stories:
The Lover's Farewell
The Appointment Kept
The White Cat
Passing Spirits
The Garde Chasse
The Carrier
Rehearsals, etc
Prophetic Dreams
The Vigil
The Strange Dog
The Scotch Minister
The Radiant Boy
The Prediction
Haunted Houses
The Justification
The German Inn
The Benighted Traveller
My own Visit to a Haunted House
Mr. G.'s Adventure
Conclusion to First Part
Legends of the Earthbound:
The Italian's Story
The Dutch Officer's Story
The Old Frenchman's Story
The Swiss Lady's Story
The Sheep Farmer's Story
My Friend's Story

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