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Caribe: From Havana With Love

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Caribe is a multinational task force created to handle a burgeoning level of espionage and counter espionage happening in Central and South America and the Caribbean. Juan Morales was on detached duty from Mexican Intelligence, or CISEN as it was known. Maya Corday was his partner on this particular mission. She was from the Jamaican Constabulary Force. Add tall, muscular Nick Storm and Harley-riding Kate Breton and you had quite a team. Lawrence Dixon managed the OPS Center on Key West. Jack Riley had been appointed director of this little task force and he had hand-selected all the participants. The appearance of two Russian warships in Havana Harbor were enough to get their attention. Little did they know this was an assignment that would lead from Havana, Cuba, to Caracas, Venezuela, to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This is the explosive storytelling you’ve come to expect from bestselling author, Bill Craig.

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