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My Lady My Man: How To Build A Truly Strong, Adoring, And Lasting Relationship.

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What brings people together is often the least when compared with that which they require to stay together. However, that which would be required to stay together would only be as much as they would let it be.
We live in an age where love has been so coloured hence hardly can it now be defined by sight. Almost on a daily basis, I read on a page of one of my favourite national dailies of couples earnestly begin for dissolution of their unions - even for laughable reasons. Some ills within relationships are just unthinkable as well. As I write, I remember an ongoing police investigation of a young man who murdered his lady, dug a portion of his room directly under his bed and buried her there while he sleeps on in the same room and on the same bed! He was caught six days after committing the despicable act. Is this love?! In some instances, spouses’ bath their partners with dangerous chemical substances while in some, vital body parts or organs are deliberately and wickedly chopped off! What a romantic world. Some lose their lives! With some, the living is but with great regret.
Life is so precious and, without a duplicate. Hence, the decisions we make centering on how we live the life becomes of utmost significance. In relationships, there is so much that should go into deciding whom to share this life with vis-à-vis how such a union should fare.
What are the key things an ideal partner thirst for,
how can a healthy balance of such expectations be struck or achieved for a wholesome relationship,
what need be cautioned and,
in what ways should conflicts be best resolve when they arise?
These are the major questions that this book seeks to answer.

The book, written with the lady and the man, the old and the young, the married and the yet-to-be in sight, is in no way a quick-fix, it rather presents some practical and vital choices that if deliberately made pivotal in the relationship between a lady and her man could easily make such a relationship truly strong, surely adoring, and so lasting.

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