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A Fortunate Destiny

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The reader meets our two main characters on a cold wet night on a fog covered bridge in Melbourne, Australia. Cherie Chambers is struggling with life having been dumped by her boyfriend which has also left her singing career in tatters. She meets Kyle Benson, a mercenary on leave in Melbourne. He invites her for a coffee in a nearby café where he brokers a deal with the manager to hire Cherie as a singer. Then he leaves, not even telling Cherie his name.
It is here that Cherie’s singing career takes off and she is offered the chance for a singing tour to Vietnam to entertain the troops. She agrees, as her brother and two of his friends are there.
On arriving in Vietnam she spots Kyle Benson boarding a helicopter. She then finds out he is a mercenary, a soldier of fortune. They meet and spend the night together.
Kyle Benson joins the Australian Army as an adviser after his mercenary group is disbanded. His plan is keep an eye on Cherie’s brother and his companions, to make sure that they survive and go home. The platoon is involved in a fire fight and Cherie’s brother and his companions are wounded, Kyle Benson sees to their escape and then disappears into the jungle.
Four years on and Cherie has a daughter, Kyle Benson is the father. Her brother and his two companions are still suffering the effects of the war, until the truth finally comes out about Kyle Benson, about who he really was. It is then that they begin a search to find him and let him know about his daughter, about Cherie, who is suffering because she feels as if she is to blame for everything that has happened to him.

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