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The Protection with Power: What Financial Professionals May Not Want You to Know

141 pages1 hour


Makes investing for retirement easy.
Explains what readers’ investment money is doing.
Uncovers what brokers don’t want pre-retirees and retirees to know.
Reveals how readers can stop paying high broker fees.
Gives pre-retirees and retirees the confidence to take control of their money.
Teaches readers how to protect their money—and participate in the stock market’s upside.
Looks forward and protects readers from the next recession—while allowing them to benefit from market growth.
Written by the President of Cornerstone Wealth and Tax Advisory Group.
Offers insights from twenty years in the financial industry.
Holds no allegiance to any financial company—Doug Clancy leans on his twenty years of experience in the industry to clarify investing for readers.
Provides a clear, honest, open look at investing that holds nothing back.
Teaches readers the catches behind “too good to be true” investments, and how to spot catches for themselves.

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