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Life Is a Mystery but You Don't Have to Solve It

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He grew up in Brooklyn, New York, playing stickball, kick the can, and chasing girls before venturing into Manhattan to see what the grown-ups were doing, and then began shaping his life from what he learned.

You will love Life Is A Mystery, But You Don't Have To Solve It; a 75-year journey from the streets of Brooklyn to a Carmel estate overlooking the Pacific.

Stories about life, lessons learned from big city experience, ups and downs in business and in love. Mark ends with the elusive solution to the mystery that has puzzled man since he started to think.

You will laugh, and cry, as our author takes you on his bumpy path in search of the answers to life. An entertaining autobiographical read, with names you will know, places you have been, and finally, the solution to life's greatest puzzle.

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