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The Jasper Lady’s Maid of Honour

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A mystical-historical novel guiding the reader back into the medieval Japan, into the cobweb of suspense, plot, revenge, superstition, tales and adventures laced abundantly with genuine literary references and figures of the times. Apart from that one also gains admission to a better understanding of everyday life, traditions, culture and the complexity of social relations prevalent in the Japanese society back in those days.

Japan, the Heian era. Young Ono no Komachi commits to serving the imperial court as the maid of honour of one of the concubines. She soon is confronted with some inexplicable phenomenon: a mysterious golden flying palanquin appearing in the outskirts of the capital.

The young maid of honour marries a most outstanding officer. However he dies in a campaign designed to quell an uprising in a remote province. In an effort to subdue her anguish over the loss the maid of honour indulges in the making of poetry. The empress, Lady Jade holds Ono no Komachi’s work of art in high esteem and before late the girls joins her as her maid of honour. Unbeknownst to her she is yet to disclose the secret of the Plum pavilion, disentangle a row of mysteries in the capital furthermore botch an attempt against the empress.

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