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The Turquoise Lady: My Loves, Fashions, and Fortunes

127 pages38 minutes


What a life she’s lived—June Rosenthal: wife and mother, civic leader, creator of her own exclusive fashion style, and real estate saleswoman extraordinaire! In these personal vignettes capturing the essence of her 94 years—and still going strong—she offers fascinating pictures of the places she’s gone, the people she’s met, and the exploits and accomplishment that have combined to create her truly unique story.

Going hand in hand—complementing and enhancing—these distinctive tales are the charming and colorful illustrations of noted New Mexico artist Kathy Hirshon. Together, they make a rare kind of book describing in words and pictures the long and accomplishment-filled life of a very special individual in a way that will captivate any reader interested in the personal story of a modern woman who is truly sui generis.

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