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Snowfall in Venice

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An intriguing tale of suspense and adventure unfolds in this riveting story of a promising young cosmetic surgeon and his wife who run afoul of the Mafia while on their honeymoon skiing trip to Cortina, Italy. After accidentally discovering clues to the whereabouts of a stolen Mafiosi treasure, the couple is held hostage by a troubled Mafia chieftain, who is mourning the death of his wife. During their forced extended stay in the leader's Villa, on the Venetian Island of Murano, Doctor Mark Gunderson and his wife Gayle are forced to choose between defending the principles they believe in or suffer the wrath of Don Lorenzo Benedetti.
A long-dead Hermit's confession holds the key to the recovery of the stolen treasure and the release of the Gundersens from their year-long captivity. The hunt for the treasure moves from Venice to the mountains of Cortina, gathering momentum and suspense along the way.
Snowfall in Venice is an entertaining and satisfying read for travelers of all ages.

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