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The Mirror: Penny Lane, Paranormal Investigator, #4

84 pages1 hour


Is there something lurking beneath the mirror's surface?

The local village doctor and his wife become the target of an evil force that is using an ancient mirror as a gateway into their home.

He returns home after a house call to find his wife has disappeared without trace.

As Penny investigates the chilling mystery, she is shocked to discover that the doctor's wife is trapped inside the mirror.

Another cursed antique has been unearthed.

But how can they destroy it without putting his wife's life at risk?

Is the cycle of terror still present in the village?

The Mirror is the fourth novel in The Penny Lane, Paranormal Investigator series. Another gripping story full of twists and turns.

Buy The Mirror today and continue following Penny as she comes up against yet another obstacle!!

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