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A Lifetime of Love

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A Lifetime of Love: Book # 9 in the McCullough Romance Series.

Emma Hartley has loved Morgan McCullough since she was seven years old and he was eleven. He was, after all, her hero. He stood up for her and defended her honor--and punched a classmate for bullying her. Unfortunately, while Emma is smitten, Morgan has never seen her as anything but his little sister's best friend. But now she is home after graduating college and is all grown up. It is time to tell him how she feels about him. There is only one problem with her plan. He is about to propose to another woman.

Morgan McCullough is so anxious to get married and start a family of his own that he decides to ask his girlfriend to marry him. But as the days get closer to that proposal, he begins to wonder if he and Samantha are right for each other, especially when Emma Hartley returns home. Emma is no longer a kid and off limits. She loves to play soccer and can give the accomplished soccer player and coach a run for his money. She also reminds him to laugh and have fun. Most importantly, she accepts him for who he is.

But just as Morgan realizes his true feelings for Emma, she discovers a dark secret about her family. It causes her to have doubts about herself and question whether she can ever be in a normal, healthy relationship, especially with Morgan who comes from such a normal, healthy family, the family which she has adored her entire life, the McCullough family.

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