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Snow Globe: Six of One, #3

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Sonya doesn't know where she is; if she's alive or dead. Only one thing seems certain: she's imprisoned in a dark purgatory by an entity that means her grave harm. Does anyone know she's there? Can they help her?

Kathryn believed she'd gathered the necessary tools to exorcise the succubus once and for all: the ritual, the full moon, the readiness of her fearless tribe. The hag possessing Sonya was not in the plan. It skulks beneath her surface thinking it's safe from Kathryn's magic. If it waits out the power of the full moon, it can escape being banished by her ritual.

The outcaster has no intention of allowing that.

Drawing on every resource available, the Six formulate a perilous strategy, but the dire risks endanger Sonya's life even further. If this plan is going to succeed, they'll need help. Fortunately, the link between the tribe and their many friends is far-reaching.

Hearing the call, loyal warriors come from other towns, other lands and other dimensions to assist. Defeat is not an option.

The battle changes them all, but Sonya is the most altered. When she stands in the light once again, she sees it with very different eyes.

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