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Jewels Of The Dragon Shifter (Bad Boy Shapeshifter Romance)

49 pages41 minutes


On a hunt for jewels Sapphira Logan would travel far and wide. They were her greatest desire. She was a beautiful, young, rich collector who would go to any lengths to find what she desired. While jewel-hunting in the mountains, she fell off a cliff, only to be saved by a smoking hot guide, who turned into a Dragon to do it! 

The shock of that was diminished when she discovered she had found the lost valley of riches she was looking for. She discovered the valley was filled with ancient mythical creatures as well as riches beyond any possible description. Completely hidden from the outside word! 

Everything was there for the taking, except it was guarded by the dragon shifter who had saved her and attracted her. Sapphira was not going to let that stand in her way. She was a woman who would take what she desired. 

But leaving may not be as easy as she might wish when her own desires come forth to beguile her. Will she leave, abandoning her desire for love, to keep her desire for stones? Or will she try and have it all, as is her way? Either way she would be stealing the Jewels of the Dragon's Heart. 

**Complete short story, no cliffhangers.**

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