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Mated By Two Tigers (Shifter Menage Romance)

50 pages41 minutes


Forced into hiding their true identity after being blamed for a series of violent murders, tiger-shifters Mason and Gabe are living under the radar, trying to avoid detection. They meet Stacy, a vibrant woman with a heart of gold. She doesn't know what they are, and they're afraid that if they tell her, she'll run away. Or turn them in. Gabe and Mason settle in the town of Stephenville, Oregon—a tiny town of only 500 people, surrounded by a dense forest. Others in town are suspicious of two bachelors suddenly appearing in their midst, but for all the wrong reasons. Never one to be put off by rumors and baseless fear, Stacy befriends the two. But when Turk, a ruthless bounty hunter who has a reputation for taking "dead or alive" literally, comes into Stacy's café looking for the two, she'll be forced to run with them, or risk the wrath of Turk. 

**Standalone short story, no cliffhangers.**

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